a Genshin impact fanzine inspired by traditional Chinese clothing


Preorders Open:
Feb 10th - April 21

    ┊͙✧˖*°࿐ Zine Information

    Moonlight Threads is a SFW, Genshin Impact fanzine centered around traditional Chinese clothing, also known as hanfu (汉服) . Chinese cultural elements, such as holidays festivals, instruments, and food will also be included. This project is in no way affiliated with HoYoVerse, nor does HoYoVerse endorse this project.Specs (Subject to Change):
    120-150 pages, 8'' x 6.25''
    Contributors will receive a free digital PDF of and potentially a full bundle of the zine if profits are high enough. Contributors may purchase additional copies of the zine or merchandise at the production price. This zine will be for-profit, meaning any remaining profits will be split among the mod and contributor team. This is an approximate of how the profit will be split:
    - 20% Mod Team
    - 80% Contributors

    ┊͙✧˖*°࿐ Schedule

    Interest CheckJune 3 - June 25
    Mod AppsJune 3 - June 25
    Mod ResultsJune 30
    Contributor ApplicationsJuly 01 - July 29
    Contributor ResultsAugust 5
    Creation PeriodAugust - December
    Layout, Preorder PrepDecember - January
    Pre-orders OpenFeb 10 - April 21

    ┊͙✧˖*°࿐ Meet the Mods



    mmori is your friendly neighborhood procrastinator and stressed student. Catch her playing League of Legends or bingeing an unhealthy about of coffee and instant ramen.
    Favorite Genshin Character:
    Amber! Cute, iconic, precious. With you from Day 1, no. 1 of mmori's heart.
    Favorite thing about Chinese culture:
    Would it be bad to say food? But hey, who wouldn't die for some spicy Sichuan food or a heart bowl of handpulled Dan Dan Noodles <3



    Jinny is a digital artist who likes to draw the anemo boys. She also loves hot chocolate and cats.
    Favorite Genshin Character:
    The anemo boys. She can't choose.
    Favorite thing about Chinese culture:
    Jinny adores the festivals and the artistic history of Chinese culture.



    sash's life is quite simple, she enjoys spending time with her mischievous cats, obsessing over pixels on a screen and being hit with the spirit of Apollo at 3am to write fanfics.
    Favorite Genshin Character:
    Kaedehara Kazuha shares quite a few similarities with sash; from loving spoken poetry to autumn's maple leaves and of course, their love for cats!
    Favorite thing about Chinese culture:
    sash's fondest memories of childhood included handmade goldfish and dragon lanterns, playing with fireworks and sharing mooncakes with friends under the full moon of Mid-August festival.



    Your local doctor who simps for 2D men a lot. Always needs coffee to survive
    Favorite Genshin Character:
    Scaramouche and the sumeru boys. Arsander just loves how they can fit really well in her local alternate universe 😭
    Favorite thing about Chinese culture:
    The artistic aspects and the history! Though Arsanders is not Chinese herself, she does have Chinese family, and they are called Chindo in her country.